• Branding Advertising Marketing PreSelling

      Learn and master valuable knowledge to effectively develop, manage and promote your brand

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    • Online + Physical Store + Drop-Shipping

      Learn and master the advantages and disadvantages, of a digital landscaped online store, the tangible experiences of physical stores, or the innovative world of drop-shipping.

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    • Marketing + Profiting

      Learn and master a comprehensive set of skills and strategies focused on maximizing profits and effectively marketing hair products.

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    • The Hair Grading System

      Learn and Master the significance of each grade 8a 9a 10a etc; How it impacts the pricing and marketability of the product

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    • Raw Hair + Virgin Hair+ Double Drawn Hair+ Single Drawn Hair

      Learn and Master how to compare textures, quality and durability of each type; Why some hair color to #27 and #613; Understand Hair ratios and flyaways

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    • Lace Wigs + Lace Clouses + Lace Frontals

      Learn and Master all thing lace. Understanding the different types of lace constructions on the market. Understanding the lace colors, sizes, singles knots double knots and much more

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    • Tape-Ins + I-Tips + Clip-Ins

      Learn and master the features, benefits, and different types of clip-in, tape-in and I-tip hair extensions available, including materials, sizes, lengths, colors, and textures.